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Falcons trivia: Who tossed the most interceptions in a single season?

A mark that will live in infamy...or something.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We've mostly concentrated on the feel-good bits of trivia from this team's history over the course of this summer, like who played the most games, snagged the most interceptions, or led the team in sacks. We've spent less time on the gloomier part of the Falcons' history, but we're gonna touch on it today.

The question, as always, is a simple one. Who threw more interceptions in a single season than any other quarterback in franchise history? The answer is likely not readily apparent--the Falcons have had some lousy quarterbacks on lousy offenses--but once you figure it out, the pieces will fit.

In case you're curious, Matt Ryan comes in 9th on the single season list, with the 17 picks he threw in 2013 representing both his career high and one of the ten worst totals in team history. That is, thankfully, his only spot on the list.

Who is the all-time leader?