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Is Atlanta Falcons HC Dan Quinn a top ten head coach?

Fact: Dan Quinn once gave CPR to a porcupine

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn isn’t some schlub. He first made a name for himself in Seattle, where he won a Super Bowl leading one of the best defenses in NFL history. That’s how he found his way onto Arthur Blank’s radar and that’s how he became the head coach at Flowery Branch. This wasn’t happenstance, Falcons fans; the man is a talented. He’s got skills, if you will.

Quinn took us to the Super Bowl in his second year at the helm. So bottom line is this: Quinn has a trajectory and the Falcons are lucky to have him. Is the best head coach in the NFL? No, even from my biased vantage point, I can’t make that argument. But he’s certainly not mediocre. I’d argue he’s made his case as one of the ten best head coaches in the NFL.’s Elliot Harris published his NFL head coach rankings yesterday, slotting Quinn in the eleventh spot.

Quinn proved himself in 2016. One year after a debut that showed promise (with an admittedly sluggish finish), Quinn pushed his team to the Super Bowl. Make no mistake, this is his football team, reflective of his Seahawks DNA. The Falcons drafted speedy linebackers and one physical safety to pursue a brand of defense similar to what Quinn ran in Seattle. Throw in heavy use of running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, and this Atlanta team will be challenging the Seahawks and any other comers in the NFC for awhile.

Harris ranked Sean Payton ninth and Ron Rivera 8th. That by itself should give you pause. Feel free to go find a toilet to vomit into, if need be.

Your thoughts?