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Nominate your choices for the Falcons 2010s All-Decade defense and special teams

Who are the greats from the last several prosperous Falcons seasons?

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The votes are still rolling in for the best players on offense for our Falcons over the last seven or so seasons, and now it’s time to move along and nominate the defense and special teams guys that will complete the All-Decade team.

While the offense has had at least three or four slam dunk Ring of Honor members in the last decade, things are a little less settled on the defensive side. For every John Abraham or Desmond Trufant, there’s a Corey Peters, Curtis Lofton, or even Deion Jones who either hasn’t spent much time in Atlanta just yet but really excelled, or was just the best of an uninspiring bunch. When we look back on this in 2021, I’m sure things will have changed for the better, but I’ll fully admit I struggled to assemble part of this list.

I expect this will be much more contentious than the offensive side of the ball, particularly at linebacker, where the Falcons truly did not have many great players over the last seven seasons. Give us your nominees, and we’ll look to vote on them over the weekend!

Defensive Ends: Vic Beasley & John Abraham

Defensive Tackles: Jonathan Babineaux & Corey Peters

Linebackers: Deion Jones, Sean Weatherspoon, Curtis Lofton

Cornerbacks: Desmond Trufant & Brent Grimes

Safeties: Ricardo Allen & William Moore

Kicker: Matt Bryant

Punter: Matt Bosher

Returner: Devin Hester