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Falcons trivia: Who has an unbreakable record for most career punts?

Yes, a punter trivia question. It truly is late June.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There aren’t too many unbreakable records for this franchise. In today’s pass-happy environment, the next player the Falcons have at quarterback could conceivably surpass Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman could blow by Michael Turner, and Julio Jones is almost certainly going to roll past Roddy White. Heck, Vic Beasley is well on his way to breaking John Abraham’s career record for sacks.

The insurmountable ones look to be Jessie Tuggle’s insane tackle record—even if Deion Jones is off to a blazing start—and Rolland Lawrence’s career interceptions. There’s also, weirdly, a punting record that will likely never be touched.

This man punted for the Falcons in one of the more miserable epochs of their history, and he was both a pretty good punter and one who got a ton of work because of a largely middling Atlanta offense. He currently has more than twice as many punts to his name than the the second man on the career list, and over 500 more than incumbent Matt Bosher. The Falcons would have to be pretty bad for a very long time for anyone to approach this man’s numbers.

So who was that man, and how many times did he punt the ball away? Give us your best shot.