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Falcons officially announce two minicamp signings, waive a linebacker

The Falcons continue shuffling the bottom of the roster.

Baylor v West Virginia

The Falcons made the signing of defensive end Martin Ifedi official, I guess, because they’re announcing it today. They also signed another offensive lineman, waiving a linebacker in the process.

The many little moves of June, eh?

As we mentioned, this isn’t Ifedi’s first time with the team, as he spent time on the practice squad at the end of 2016, signed a contract in February, and was axed in April. He’ll hope to make it a longer stay this time.

Marquis Lucas, likely here as a guard, spent some time with the Bills and Vikings after going undrafted in 2016, and got a contract from the Vikings this offseason before being waived in May. He’s an extreme longshot to make the roster or even the practice squad, what with so many guards in the mix.

Christian Tago is a 2017 undrafted free agent out of San Jose State. The team is pretty set at linebacker for the first time in eons, and Tago didn’t seem likely to beat out some of the other UDFA types kicking around minicamp. We wish him well, wherever he lands.