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Falcons mandatory minicamp notebook, June 14th edition

What happened in the first of three days at Falcons minicamp?

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As you might expect, the first day of mandatory minicamp was a busy one for the Falcons. There was plenty of practice, remarks to the press, and a couple of highlight reel plays from undrafted free agents we’re probably all going to get too excited about. Let’s dive right in!

We’ll begin with that highlight reel play.

The throw of the day was said to be a bomb from UDFA QB Alek Torgersen to Georgia UDFA WR Reggie Davis, who beat Jalen Collins for a touchdown grab. Torgersen probably has the second-best arm on the team right now, even if he’s not going to beat out Matt Schaub, so he’ll bear watching. Davis could snag a spot on the practice squad if he can keep it up.

It’s worth noting, as McClure does, that Dan Quinn singled out Brian Hill as a top performer today, too. Hill’s extremely likely to make the roster as the team’s third running back, so it’s great to see him standing out early.

McKinley can’t report just yet, so the team is keeping him in the loop. We’ll get to see him in action during training camp, but I really wish it was sooner.

This is what the Falcons promised would happen before minicamp, and they’re sticking to it. Rookie Sean Harlow does not currently appear to be part of the battle here, which leaves Schweitzer and Garland to duke it out. Our money’s still on Schweitzer, but the versatile Garland shouldn’t be counted out, especially not this early in the summer.

Poe has a little ways to go in order to be at his playing weight and earn more $$, but it’s good to see him dedicating himself to making the progress he needs to make to get there. The Falcons think the talented defensive tackle can be even better if he’s lighter on his feet, and it looks like we’ll get to confirm that at the rate their big free agency signing is going.

Hooper is going to bust out this year. Vault me, or whatever draft Twitter says.

God yes. Yes. This.