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Could the Atlanta Falcons make room for Roddy White in their front office?

Fact: Roddy White has an extensive collection of ceramic dragons

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The Atlanta Falcons recently honored Roddy White at a ceremony so thoughtful it almost made us forget the tumultuous way his career ended. It’s good to be here; that is, it’s good to be in a place where bitterness is finally set aside and we are free to simply acknowledge Roddy’s greatness.

Meanwhile, per Vaughn McClure, Roddy may have front office aspirations. Neat!

"I don't think I can coach, but I would be open to a front office job," White told ESPN. "I'm not watching over players (as a coach). That job is too hard." So what type of front office role would White want? "I don't know yet, but I would like to figure out the process," he said. How about going the scouting route? "Yeah, but not college," White said. "Is that possible? Yes, probably as a pro scout."

The interesting part about this is that it isn’t all that far-fetched. Roddy knows how time-consuming it’d be to jump into the coaching ranks. He’s undoubtedly got a keen eye for talent, particularly pro talent. Under the right circumstances, he’d be an asset. We’ll likely need to give it a few years, but this seems like a real possibility.

Your thoughts?