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Atlanta Falcons NT Dontari Poe has his first weigh in tomorrow

Fact: Dontari Poe makes fair trade beeswax candles in his free time

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs

The Atlanta Falcons made an important signing this offseason. It’s a signing that should pay dividends. Specifically the Falcons added Dontari Poe to their front seven, pairing Grady Jarrett with a dynamic, impactful player. Poe will play at his best and be an ideal fit in head coach Dan Quinn’s scheme if he’s fit and healthy. That’s why the Falcons incentivized his contract with weigh ins.

Here’s how this works for Poe: his contract contains a $500k workout bonus, divided into four distinct payments following four weigh ins between mini-camp in June and the week 9 game against the Carolina Panthers. In short, Poe has a strong financial incentive to keep his weight under control. The first weigh in takes place tomorrow.

I’ve written about this before, and I’ll reiterate it here: this isn’t just about a $500k workout bonus for Poe. At 26 years old, he wants to convince the Falcons or another team that he’s worth a multi-year investment. This is about good faith and professionalism. Poe has a professional training staff and a nutritionist at his disposal. The Falcons expect him to play 20 pounds lighter this season, and that’s not an unrealistic or unfair expectation. Now excuse me, I’m gonna go eat a cookie.

Your thoughts?