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Falcons trivia: Which seasons saw six players throw passes for the Falcons?

Yes, it happened more than once.

Steve Bartkowski calls the signals

We take it for granted in this era of extreme stability at quarterback, but there have been times in the Falcons’ long history when things have not been so stable. As recently as 2007, the Falcons started three different quarterbacks, and if you go back even further, you find some pretty remarkable seasons.

So let’s talk about it in today’s trivia. I’m challenging you to come up with the three seasons in franchise history where six different men throw passes in the same season. In both cases, three or even four of them only threw a small handful of passes, but that’s still pretty damn remarkable. As you might imagine, they were not good years for the Falcons, but with the advantage of hindsight they’re damned interesting.

Give us your best shot at a guess, and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try to guess the six passers for each of those three seasons. Small hint: All of them were in the first 20 or so years of the franchise’s existence.