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Will Roddy White and Michael Vick join the Falcons Ring of Honor?

We’ve got one yes.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the news that Roddy White and Michael Vick are going to be honored by the team tomorrow, it’s fair to wonder whether either one will be placed in the Ring of Honor. Only a handful of Falcons have ever received that august honor, and there’s a short list of possibilities today who haven’t yet made it, including Todd McClure and the two guys we just mentioned.

Here’s a succinct answer: White will make it, Vick will not. The hyper-talented quarterback is an important player in the franchise’s history and did legitimately great things, but the Falcons have been awfully stingy about handing out Ring of Honor designations, and Vick only has 67 starts over six seasons to his name. As good as he was, you can make completely fair arguments against him being considered an all-time franchise player.

White’s a slam dunk, though. Roddy finished his 171 games over 11 seasons—all of them with the Falcons—with the franchise record for receptions, receiving yardage, receiving touchdowns and (arguably) trash talked. He’s an icon, a phenomenal player and human being, and his greatness is not in any way lessened by the fact that Julio Jones seems destined to pass all of his marks in the next five or so years. He’s in.

Later today, Eric Robinson will share memories, highlights, and thoughts on the Falcons impact of both of these players, and then we’ll check out the ceremony on Monday. What are your thoughts on each player’s chances of landing in the Falcons’ Ring of Honor?