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What to expect from Falcons rookie minicamp

A few things to note ahead of this coming week’s minicamp.

Atlanta Falcons Rookie Minicamp Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Rookie minicamp isn’t some grand, illuminating event. We’re not going to know which rookies are making the team after the 2017 camp, and we’re not going to have any clue whether someone like Sean Harlow is good enough to win a starting job.

So what can we learn?

The thing to keep in mind here is that all of these rookies will be getting on the field in front of Dan Quinn and the Falcons’ coaching staff for the very first time ever. The team also has a relatively short timeline in which to evaluate these rookies before the veterans come in, and before they’re going to start making roster decisions. That makes this early time very valuable for those rookies and for the coaches, so anything positive that you hear from this may be worth noting for later.

If we take away anything at all, it’ll be an early sense of how some rookies look, and who is standing out in their very first opportunity to do so. We’ll take any tidbits we can get during this part of the offseason.