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Falcons quiz: Can you name the top ten sack artists in Atlanta history?

We’re betting you can’t.

Lester Archambeau

To help what remains of the offseason pass a little faster, I’m going to start delivering little quizzes a couple of times a week to test your Falcons knowledge and hopefully teach us all a little something about this team’s history. We’re going to start with

If you’ve paid attention over the last couple of years, you know that the Falcons’ list of all-time leading sack artists gets sad in a big hurry. People hated Kroy Biermann when he was in Atlanta, yet he’s 12th all-time on the career list. Vic Beasley has played exactly two NFL seasons and is already 16th. This is not a Hall of Fame bunch, by and large, though Claude Humphrey, Tommy Nobis and others made their marks before the sack was an official stat.

So here’s today’s question: How many players on the career franchise sack list can you name? I suspect most of you will get the top two in short order, but after that it gets difficult in a real hurry.

I tried this myself blind and got seven of the names in the top ten, but not in the correct order. See if you can do better.

Due to a lack of funds, the only prize here will be sweet, sweet recognition from your peers. No cheating.