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Hilarious Falcons stat of the day: The Bills haven’t won in Atlanta since 1973

May that streak continue.

Craig Heyward

The Falcons’ website is previewing every game on the 2017 schedule, and there are some good insights into what the Falcons will be facing each week. I hope you’ve been reading them, and if not, you should start.

One stat stood out, though, because it made me laugh and shake my head. Look at this.

In case you’re curious, the last time the Falcons lost to the Bills in Atlanta was December 2, 1973, which was the first time these two teams ever played. The Bills have won other games in the series history, but none of them were in the state of Georgia. That’s 44 years, and as the team notes, nobody on the current roster was alive when that happened. Matt Bryant was like -2 years old.

The upshot is that the Falcons have a long, proud streak to carry on when these two teams meet up this year. Let us hope they beat the brakes off the Bills and keep it alive.