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Michael Vick has not had talks with the Falcons about retiring with team, per Michael Vick

This got complicated in a hurry.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Some stories unfold logically and in a linear fashion. A player is rumored to be signing with the Falcons, the player says something about the signing on Twitter, reliable reporters pick it up, and then the team confirms it. Those are easy and clean.

Then there are stories like Michael Vick’s retirement with the team, which are apparently destined to be neither easy or clean. When I saw that Vick had talked to 92.9 The Game about retiring with the team, and further saw that he said he was in talks with the Falcons about doing so, it seemed very likely we’d be seeing that happen sooner than later. Many outlets, The Falcoholic included, ran with stories that made it clear we expected the Falcons would sign him to a one day contract. Collectively, we jumped the gun.

Last night, Vick clarified that nothing was imminent to 11 Alive in Atlanta, saying there were talks and he hoped it would happen. Today, though, ESPN’s Vaughn McClure caught up with Vick and asked more about the topic, and Vick kind of walked it back further.

Here’s what’s relevant:

Michael Vick clarified to me that he has not talked to anyone from the Falcons organization about signing a 1-day contract to retire as a Falcon. Just an idea that he hopes gets addressed. But no formal or informal discussions with the team just yet. Yes he wants to retire a Falcon.

I’m not going to rake anybody over the coals for any of this, but the upshot is that we all got excited and/or upset about something that doesn’t appear to be imminent. Knowing what we know now, it may not even be likely. I’d like to apologize for getting ahead of ourselves here at The Falcoholic, and we’ll see if Vick and the team actually do talk down the line.