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With Michael Vick likely retiring with Falcons, share your memories of #7

There are plenty to choose from.

Atlanta Falcons vs Buffalo Bills - September 25, 2005 Photo by Mark Konezny/NFLPhotoLibrary

It’s not official quite yet, but I doubt Michael Vick would mention his impending retirement as a member of the Atlanta Falcons if he didn’t think it was gonna happen. That means it’s time to think back to his career in the same way we did for Roddy White and likely will for Jonathan Babineaux soon enough.

I polled Twitter to see everyone’s favorite memories of Vick’s time in Atlanta. As you’ll see, he remains a divisive player, but you guys pulled out some pretty great memories.

In the interest of fairness, not everyone has a lot of fond memories of Vick, however.

Even for those of you who don’t remember Vick fondly, you almost assuredly can relate to this memory. To play as Michael Vick in Madden was to defy the laws of physics and basically play with a cheat code.

What’s your favorite memory?