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Falcons seek improvement from roster with “point of attack” tapes

An already great team is being asked with improving further.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It got lost in the shuffle a little bit during Dan Quinn’s media tour earlier in the week—talking about 2 Chainz and Ric Flair will ensure that—but Quinn said something very cool about one of the ways the team is looking to get improvement out of its players, and I didn’t want it to pass without comment.

The Falcons nearly made it to the top of the heap a season ago, and while fending off complacency is a big deal, finding ways to improve is also paramount. For Quinn, an individualized approach seems best, as the Falcons website recounted.

Quinn supplied each one of his players a “point of attack” tape when they returned for the start of the offseason workout program.

“What we did for each player [was provide them with] a point of attack tape [and we said] here are some things you can do better, here are some things that are already really strong in your game, and we went after it that way,” Quinn said on ESPN on Wednesday.

This tactic goes hand in hand with Atlanta’s offseason mantra: Get one percent better every day.

This may not be the most novel approach—I genuinely do not know—but I like it. Giving a group of motivated players a clear path to getting better, no matter how small the improvement may prove to be, is a smart move. Even Julio Jones could theoretically get even better, and that thought fills me with joy.

Give us your best guesses as to what players on this team were tasked with improving.