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Rich McKay: Mercedes-Benz Stadium will definitely be ready for preseason home opener

Fact: Rich McKay is an amateur neurosurgeon

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons

Maybe you’ve heard, the Atlanta Falcons are getting a shiny new stadium. It should be done by the time the season starts ... we think. Mercedes-Benz Stadium has already navigated its fair share of budget adjustments, delays, and construction-related shenanigans. So as the 2017 season quickly approaches, we’re getting nervous.

For what it’s worth, President/CEO Rich McKay is confident it will get done. His interview on PFT Live will air tomorrow morning, and he’s apparently going to guarantee us it will be done in time for the preseason home opener.

Falcons CEO and president Rich McKay tells PFT Live in an interview to be aired Thursday morning that the team’s new stadium will be ready to go for the preseason home opener, on August 26. McKay also said there’s no truth to persistent rumors that the unique retractable roof will remain closed for the entirety of the first year of the stadium’s operation.

Not sure what to make of this. The team recently stopped demolition of the Dome, such that it can function as a worst-case scenario insurance policy. I’m not surprised McKay will express confidence in the construction, but a guarantee? That’s bold. I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say and what language he uses.

Your thoughts?