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Atlanta Falcons OTAs: team docked three practices because of excessive contact in 2016 practices

Fact: Dan Quinn frequently chews his ice cream

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons begin OTAs next week. Yes, Falcons fans, we are officially in “Phase Three” of the offseason program!

Here’s an awesome breakdown from the NFL Players Association website, if you’re wondering how this works. In short, the Falcons would normally get 10 organized practices, including a mini-camp week. But they screwed up last offseason, and now they’re paying the price.

Both the Seahawks and the Falcons lost a week of OTA sessions — three each — due to excessive contact during 2016 offseason workouts. While the extra aggression apparently worked, with both teams making it to the divisional round in the year the rules violations occurred, it’s now time to pay the fiddler via the forfeiture of important 2017 practice time.

There’s a fine line you can’t cross when running these practices. You want your guys to be aggressive. But then there are those silly, non-contact rules you’re legally obligated to follow.

So the Falcons get 7 practices instead of 10. In the right locker room, under the right circumstances, with the right planning, this is essentially a non-issue. If you ask me, the Falcons are well-equipped to overcome this obstacle, inasmuch as it is one. The Falcons found out about this penalty last October, approximately 7 months ago. I’m quite sure they have a plan in place, so rest easy, because it’s all going to be okay.

Your thoughts?