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Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn talk Duke Riley, 2 Chainz, and healing after the Super Bowl

NFL: NFC Divisional-Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With league meetings happening in Chicago, the Atlanta Falcons braintrust of head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff spent their downtime talking to the media.

Oh good, and we are talking about the Super Bowl. It sounds like Quinn is all in on the military mindset the team goes through in the offseason, and is ready to apply it to next year. Watch the clip from NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.

What’s different about Quinn’s team than past regimes? Random celebrities love the Atlanta Falcons, per Dan Quinn.

“[2 Chainz] is definitely part of the Brotherhood. No doubt.”

“We love some Ric Flair.”

Dan Quinn says the team checked Steve Sarkisian’s background around the league, and they feel comfortable with his fit and alcohol history. Thomas Dimitroff said the team’s approach is to keep things out in the open and deal with them.

Dimitroff wanted to add more defensive players in the draft. He liked Duke Riley’s speed, while Quinn talked about his leadership abilities. It sounds like they plan to get him in the lineup ASAP.

Quinn discussed his “embrace the suck” mantra that came out of the Navy Seal training the team did the last two offseasons. Dimitroff said the entire staff joins in on the training to improve the team’s mindset.

The pair hopped onto Sirius radio, too. I will say it’s refreshing to see Quinn and Dimitroff constantly together. I think the close relationship has been an important part of finding impact players in the last few offseasons. These guys have definitely been on the same page.

One single venting session? Fans are nearing four months of venting and binge drinking to erase the ending of that game.

Lastly, this came up on Sirius and on Good Morning Football. We forget that the NFL can have a recruiting aspect, too. Dimitroff expects the new stadium to help bring in free agents.