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Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu named NFL’s best wide receiver duo

Give it up for Julio Jones who, like in real games, is carrying 99% of this.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons
Julio Jones and a fan.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is a silly time where people debate things like best long snapper, the 3rd string tight end most likely to blow up, and the best wide receiver duo. Fox Sports football writer Peter Schrager thinks the best wide receiver duo is Julio Jones and whoever is technically the next wide receiver since there needs to be a duo.

There is little doubt that Jones is easily the best wide receiver in the league. Season after season we have seen that he is simply unstoppable. He’s not even human.

Sanu, on the other hand, is absolutely human. He took a backseat to Taylor Gabriel late in the season, and is widely expected to be pushed to the WR3 spot. Still, he showed good hands and came through in the clutch a few times last season. It’s nothing to be too excited about, which shows how much of this vote Julio is commanding.

There seem to be fewer and fewer teams that can keep together two top wide receivers while paying for a quarterback. The Denver Broncos did it briefly with Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. The Falcons did it briefly with Roddy White and Julio.

It’s tough to maintain, but the Falcons should be in the running for best wide receiver duo as long as Julio stays healthy and there is physically another wide receiver playing across from him.