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Which Atlanta Falcons would you name dishes after?

Get the creative juices flowing.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Texas Roadhouse 200 presented by Alpha Energy Solutions - Practice Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

At first glance, you’re going to think this is a dumb idea. Perhaps you will on second glance, too, but I’ve found that deep in the offseason, giving you guys an opportunity to be creative and getting out of the way lends itself to some great discussions.

Anyways, SB Nation asked this question recently, coming up with suggested foods and beverages for a bunch of NFL stars, including our own Matt Ryan. What’d they get for Ryan, you ask?

Matt Ryan: Matty Ice light beer

It’s safe to assume the Falcons quarterback could use a beer after what was a rough Super BowlLI loss. So what better than a Matty Ice? It’s cool, crisp, and aged a long and painful 25 weeks to perfection.

With all due respect to my talented colleagues, this is not only the lowest possible bar, but they’ve snuck in a 25 week joke. They are now dead to me.

Surely you can come up with better. Give us your best shot!