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Just how good is the Atlanta Falcons front seven?

Fact: Takkarist McKinley has a pet cat named Advil

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn wasn’t just hired to revamp the defense. Sure, he’s one of the league’s brightest defensive minds. And sure, his defenses in Seattle were downright scary. But he’s also a man of character, and Arthur Blank wanted a true leader at the helm.

Meanwhile, let’s give the Falcons credit. They executed an aggressive draft strategy last month. In many respects, it’s a continuation of what they set in motion last season. They didn’t deviate from their game plan, and as a result, they added talented talented pass rusher Takkarist McKinley after trading up in the first round. Of course, we had some sense they’d draft a pass rusher. It wasn’t a forgone conclusion; but it was close to one.

Now the draft has come and gone. If the pre-draft analysis got on your nerves, then you must love the month of May. The Falcons, like every NFL team, are undefeated. The future is bright. But when you’ve got a front seven like the Falcons’ front seven, the future is really looking up.

GMFB’s Peter Schrager called the Falcons’ front seven “lethal” with the combination of Beasley, McKinley and Poe. "I believe they're the best young, front seven in football,” Schrager said. “I believe (the Falcons have) the most explosive offense in football. I am wondering if they don't have that veteran presence in that front seven that can say, 'Okay, big spot. I'm Dwight Freeney, here's how it's done.' He's not with the team right now."

Obviously the Falcons have a talented football team. And obviously the defense is only getting better. But is he on point? Is the Falcons front seven truly “lethal”? Discuss!