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Falcons waive UGA track star Garrett Scantling, sign QB Matt Simms

There are now four quarterbacks on the Falcons roster.

NFL: Preseason-Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons brought aboard Garrett Scantling, who had not played football since high school, in the clear hope that his superb athleticism would translate into something. That was part of the reason I had named him a strong candidate for the practice squad, because someone with his speed and explosiveness figured to get time to marinate, especially with the long layoff from the sport.

The Falcons must have seen enough to conclude that Scantling would not become a contributor, because they’ve waived him and added a fourth quarterback to the 90 man roster. It’s a name you may recognize.

Simms, who will be 29 in late September, has been kicking around the team’s practice squad since 2015. He joins Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, and UDFA quarterback Alek Torgersen on the roster.

With Simms back in the fold, the chances of Torgersen making it to the practice squad are greatly diminished. Simms has been around long enough to know the general contours of this offense, and could very well be on the practice squad yet again if he still has eligibility. He’s probably not beating out Matt Schaub for the backup role, but at minimum, he’ll serve as a camp arm for a little while this summer.

Scantling, meanwhile, will try to catch on with another NFL team and get a shot at a practice squad, if he sticks around football at all. It was worth the team’s time to take a look at someone with such obvious athletic ability, but his departure certainly means a more seasoned receiver will make the practice squad when all is said and done.

We wish Scantling well, wherever he may land.