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The Falcoholic Live: Ep2 - Intriguing UDFAs and Minicamp Preview - Watch live here

Don’t have Facebook? Watch the live stream of our new video show right here. Kevin and the crew cover some UDFAs of interest and talk about what to expect at rookie minicamp this weekend.

You may be thinking to yourself: “boy, I wish there was something Falcons-related I could watch tonight.” Well, if you happen to be thinking that, I’ve got great news for you—The Falcoholic Live crew is back tonight!

You can watch the video on Facebook, or right here on The Falcoholic. The video feed below will go live at 8:10pm, and our broadcast will start shortly thereafter.

Kevin will be joined by frequent guests Eric Robinson and Jeanna “Mad-Online” Thomas (and, if we’re lucky, a surprise guest or two) to break down a couple of interesting topics this evening. We’ll be getting into some recent news—Saints’ C Max Unger’s injury and the surprising retirement of Hugh Thornton—and then “switching gears” to discuss some of the more intriguing UDFAs in this year’s class.

We’ll follow that up by previewing rookie minicamp, which begins on Friday. An obligatory reminder that you shouldn’t take any of the reports you hear this weekend too seriously. Finally, we’ll close out the show by taking questions from the live audience. You’ll need to be on Facebook to submit questions for this show, but in the future we’ll likely take questions from Twitter as well.

We hope you guys are enjoying the new show. The hope is that it’s a great way to connect and engage with our community. As it’s still early in development, we’re open to comments and suggestions for how to improve going forward. If you have any of those, you can leave them here, or send them to me on Twitter @FalcoholicKevin. We appreciate all your support!