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Who was your surefire Falcons pick who didn’t work out?

We all had our favorite pick who turned out to be a bust.

Steve Broussard

Fresh off considering perhaps the worst draft in team history, I want to pick your brains for an interesting question: Who was the Falcons draft pick you were sure was going to work out, but didn’t?

Mine was Steve Broussard. The 1990 20th overall pick, Broussard was a talented running back that I first got a glimpse of (that I remember) during the 1991 season, when he averaged 4.5 yards per carry. I was convinced, in my youth and with conviction, that he was going to break out in a major way for Atlanta.

Instead, Broussard had two more solid part-time type of seasons in Atlanta, never putting up more than 84 carries, before moving on to Cincinnati and then Seattle. He finished his career with pretty paltry numbers for a first round running back, though he did manage to hang around for a long time. Considering my lofty expectations for him, though, Broussard didn’t work out.

Who would be your choice?