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Matt Ryan is the greatest Falcons draft pick ever, per your votes

There’s no question that #3 is #1.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Ever since we launched our polling for the best Falcons draft pick ever, the final result has been pretty obvious. I thought we might have a twist or turn here that turned the whole thing upside down, but instead, Matt Ryan coasted to victory.

In his final matchup against Julio Jones, Ryan took close to 75% of the votes. He’s fresh off an MVP season and a Super Bowl run, as we’ve noted many times, and put together easily the best season of his career. He’s still young enough to think there’s several great seasons ahead, too, and he’s already make his mark on the record books.

Matt Ryan career franchise ranks (NFL ranks)

Passing Attempts: 1st (24th)

Passing Completions: 1st (18th)

Passing Yards: 1st (21st)

Passing Touchdowns: 1st (25th)

Passer Rating: 1st (11th)

Considering quarterback is widely regarded as the most important position on the field, and considering Ryan’s place in both the team’s and NFL’s record books, there is no question he’s a deserving choice for this honor. Two teams passed on one of the best quarterbacks of the last decade, and the Falcons were only too happy to capitalize on that particular mistake. Ryan will be dogged with questions until he gets his first Super Bowl ring, unfortunately, but if he plays another five years he’s going to have a Hall of Fame-caliber resume whether he gets one or not.

Julio Jones can take some solace in the fact that he is regarded with awe by every sentient, decent human being who doesn’t have a hot take about Odell Beckham or Antonio Brown, and that he’ll likely go down as the greatest receiver this Falcons team has ever seen.

Thanks, everyone, for voting. Congratulations to Matt Ryan!