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Vote for the greatest Atlanta Falcons draft pick ever: It’s Matt Ryan vs. Julio Jones

The expected final, and now it’s time for your votes.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Before we started this set of polls, I predicted that Matt Ryan and Julio Jones would meet in the final. We’re talking about two of the best, most dynamic players in franchise history, and two players who happen to be playing right now and coming off memorable seasons that included a trip to the Super Bowl. Frankly, any other result would have been a surprise.

Ryan was up against Michael Vick, who grabbed close to 20% of the vote, but Ryan easily won out. As genuinely great and electric as Vick was at times during his Falcons tenure, Ryan basically owns every franchise passing record and has more success with this team than any quarterback before him. The result is no great surprise.

So it’s no surprise that we’re here. I seeded Julio behind Mike Kenn, who probably should be in the Hall of Fame in his own right, but Kenn was bounced in the first round and Julio has eviscerated every opponent he’s run into. The only thing that could have held him back was the fact that the Falcons swapped so much draft capital to get him, but a great pick is a great pick, and he stomped Roddy White by 80-plus percent.

Now you decide: Who was the best Falcons draft pick ever?

#1 Matt Ryan vs. #3 Julio Jones