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Atlanta Falcons undrafted free agents: The first crop of unofficial UDFAs roll in

The Falcons haven’t made it official, but there are already a lot of names linked to the team.

NCAA Football: Georgia vs Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, we started to see the first undrafted free agent names trickle in for the Atlanta Falcons. Some of those will eventually prove to be camp tryouts, and some even may be mistakes, but we’re still getting an early picture of who the Falcons are looking at.

I pointed you to Rise Up Reader’s tweet, which I’ll do again now.

The fairly obvious takeaway here is that the Falcons are focusing their efforts on the two lines, wide receiver, and defensive back. All of those areas feature at least small needs, and they’re also areas where the Falcons have traditionally been able to unearth some quality players from the undrafted free agent heap.

There’s a few names here that looked like they might be in play for the end of the NFL Draft, but it’ll take us a little time (and confirmation from the team) before we know who we’re working with. Don’t be surprised if someone on this list winds up making the roster before all is said and done, however.

Stay tuned to our tracker for more UDFA updates throughout the day, and we’ll round ‘em all up once it’s official.