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2017 NFL Draft: Falcons to hold local pro day Wednesday

Who will show up?

Georgia v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

The Falcons will occasionally give a local player a shot to make the team, which is heartwarming and maybe even productive, depending on the player. It helps that so many good pro players have come from the state of Georgia, too. Their local pro day may yield the latest Falcon with deep Atlanta ties, or at least UGA.

Catalina’s just one of the players who will be invited to the team’s local pro day Wednesday, but he’s worth singling out because he’s A) a Georgia product and B) the Falcons don’t currently have a swing tackle. Catalina will probably go pretty late in this draft after a very uneven college career, and could be on the team’s radar if they’re not going to go the Tom Compton route and sign a discount veteran.

We don’t yet know who else will be there, but I imagine we’ll learn soon enough who will be in attendance. We’ll have a full breakdown as soon as we know, but in the meantime, give us your thoughts about Catalina.