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Vote for the best two draft picks in Atlanta Falcons history

We’re down to a field of four, and they’re all quarterbacks and wide receivers.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After several major upsets in the first round of voting, the favorites ran away with the votes in the final eight. That leaves two quarterbacks and two wide receivers standing, which is more or less what I expected at this point.

The first matchup pits reigning NFL MVP Matt Ryan against one of the league’s most electric quarterbacks ever in Michael Vick. Ryan is fresh off a trip to the Super Bowl, his best season ever, and the shattering of the last few franchise records he didn’t hold, but many of us still are quite fond of Vick, and he had some of the most brilliant moments this Falcons team has ever seen. I imagine it’ll be much closer than the last couple of rounds, where Ryan has absolutely blown his opponents out of the water.

The other matchup sees Julio Jones facing Roddy White in a battle of easily the best two receivers ever to play for Atlanta (sorry, Mathis). Julio’s well on his way to breaking every team record and has simply put together some of the most outrageously great efforts I’ve ever seen, while White currently holds every franchise record and was one of the most steady, absurdly excellent players this franchise has ever seen.

Vote below and let’s get this thing down to two finalists.

#1 Matt Ryan vs. #8 Michael Vick

#3 Julio Jones vs. #5 Roddy White