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Falcons work out potential first round pass rusher Charles Harris

He doesn’t fit the team’s preferred athletic profile, but Harris can help Atlanta.

Delaware State v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are in the market for another pass rusher in this upcoming draft. That’s no great secret, but there’s some ambivalence about who exactly they’ll select.

This adds another name and another wrinkle to the mix.

Harris was a player I thought might be off the team’s radar after a relatively disappointing Combine performance, one that did not show off the kind of elite athletic profile that the Falcons seem to like in their edge rushers. For all that, he has obvious agility, quality footwork and instincts, and enjoyed a pretty productive college career. He’s got to get better against the run, but given that any player you take at #31 is going to have flaws, it’s not going to kill his chances of landing in Atlanta.

The bottom line with Harris is that he’ll need coaching up and time to become the kind of great player he might be if everything breaks right. He can get both of those things with the Falcons, who have a terrific coaching staff and a deep rotation at defensive end.

I still think Harris would be behind the likes of Derek Rivers and Jordan Willis on the team’s board, but there are a few scenarios where I could see him landing in Atlanta. If he does, I hope he’ll be tremendous.