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2017 NFL Draft: Our roundtable makes first round selections for the Falcons

We give our best guesses for what the Falcons will be up to in a couple of weeks.

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


The Falcons won’t have a first round pick

Is this a cop-out? Maybe, but I get the feeling the Falcons will try to recoup some picks this year in their continued march to getting younger. There are several teams at the top of the second round that could be looking to jump back into the first for a QB (that fifth year option is a big deal to teams) and I think the Falcons will bite on it this year. Given the fact that the team could go in almost any direction - whether offensive guard, safety or pass rusher - there’s a very good chance whoever they want would still be available 4 or 5 picks later at the top of the second.

Matt Chambers

TE David Njoku

There’s a chance the Falcons don’t get a shot at Forrest Lamp and some of their defensive line preferences. The team can easily head to going best player available, and Njoku would be a huge addition to the offense. The project pass catcher could become one of the best in the NFL, and would fill in admirably for worst player in the NFL Jacob Tamme.

Caleb Rutherford

OL Forrest Lamp

The Falcons seem really interested in this guy to the point where they might acquire him at all costs. He’s got some minor issues, but the talent and experience is there in spades. I don’t think the Falcons can necessarily count on Wes Schweitzer being the answer at guard and they don’t really have a stable plan outside of him. Lamp is a guy who has the smarts to play multiple OL positions and could compete for the open RG spot from day one. Plus, who doesn’t want to run around saying, “I love Lamp!”

Eric Robinson

EDGE Derek Rivers

This selection is based on what I feel is the likely scenario for the first round: Falcons stay at 31st and Garrett, Thomas, Charlton, Barnett, and McKinley are selected along with Lamp being off the board. That’s the top five pass rushers and the best offensive guard off with other teams. Do I feel Charles Harris is the better prospect right now than Rivers? Yes. But this selection of Rivers at 31 looks, smells, and feels like a Dan Quinn-like pick. Rivers has scary athleticism and the size (6’4 248 lbs) to blossom into a dangerous edge rusher along with Vic Beasley. Rivers is a second round guy on most draft boards but just like with Keanu Neal last draft, the Falcons cannot afford to gamble and let a guy they are enamored with fall into the next round.

Dave Choate

EDGE Derek Rivers

The Falcons fell in love with Keanu Neal a year ago, and then Deion Jones in the second round, and then De’Vondre Campbell in the fourth round. All of those guys were selected a round too early in the eyes of some, but all three brought the physicality, speed, and fotball intelligence Dan Quinn is looking for to a rebuilding defense. I think they’ve already fallen in love with Derek Rivers in similar fashion, and if he’s the best pass rusher available at #31 in their eyes, he’s theirs.

Kevin Knight

EDGE Derek Rivers

If Forrest Lamp is available, I believe the Falcons will sprint to the podium to select him. However, I view that as unlikely. If Lamp is gone, I think Quinn would absolutely love to get his hands on a pass rusher like Rivers. He’s a tremendous athlete with fantastic upside and run-stopping chops that should get him on the field early. Another possible pick would be G Dan Feeney, depending on how highly they value the position.