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Falcons sign track star Garrett Scantling as a wide receiver

He’s a Georgia product, and he hasn’t played football since high school.

2016 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials - Day 2 Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Falcons love their fast and physical players, and it appears they’re getting another player who matches at least the first part of that description.

Rise Up!!! I'm an Atlanta Falcon! Truly a dream come true, gotta go to work now. #momigotajob #RiseUp #WideReceiver

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Scantling hasn’t played football since high school, making this another example of the Falcons signing a player who doesn’t have much experience in the role they’re putting him in. That worked out pretty well for C.J. Goodwin, who transitioned from wide receiver to cornerback last year, but this is much less experience. It would not be at all surprising if Scantling either finds himself on the practice squad in 2017 or not on the team altogether.

Still. If you’re a team that values speed at receiver a great deal, as the Falcons are, this is an intriguing flier. Scantling is is an SEC indoor track champion three times over, has thrown the discus, participated in the 2016 U.S. Olympic trials, is as insanely fast as that would imply, and stands 6’3”. If he can get up to speed (sorry) and recall his high school glory days as a receiver, the Falcons might add yet another weapon to Matt Ryan’s absurdly potent receiving options.