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Free Agency Tweet Recap: Tampering Period Wednesday Afternoon Edition

Patrick DiMarco departs, Matt Schaub re-signs, and #FalconsTwitter reacts

NFL: NFC Championship-Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons
Patrick DiMarco previews the reaction of Falcons fan tweeters about the news that he is departing
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Today started with Dave recapping a quiet first day of free agency legal tampering, noting the relative silence and ending with the line “For the sake of this website’s traffic, though, I hope today brings something interesting.”

Well, today did get interesting, starting with an early-afternoon nugget buried in a Jason LaCanfora report saying that the Falcons could be one of a few teams considering signing Chiefs NT Dontari Poe.

Ok, fine, maybe that buried LaCanfora nugget didn’t rank especially high on the Richter interesting scale.

But then, at 3:09 p.m., Ian Rapoport tweeted that the Bills reached an agreement with Falcons fan-favorite fullback Patrick DiMarco on a 4-year deal.

And five minutes later, at 3:14 p.m., Adam Schefter tweeted that the Falcons and Matt Schaub reached an agreement on a 2-year $9 million deal.

Predictably, Falcons Twitter had strong reactions to the rapid-fire news.

As the minutes and hours passed by, some of us eventually worked our way to the acceptance stage.

And then some of the finer humans among us moved along to the DiMarco-appreciation-and-well-wishes stage.

And we then stood back and marveled at how Matt Schaub manages to add to his millions of dollars of career earnings, after having started only two games combined over the last three full seasons.

So there we have it - a busy afternoon during which Matt Schaub re-signs, Patrick DiMarco departs, and #FalconsTwitter is filled with a wild range of emotions and reactions.

But it’s conforming to know that no matter what happens in Falcons free agency, and no matter which players come and go, that #FalconsTwitter will always be there to be our constant (yet wildly erratic), calming (yet stress-inducing) safe (yet scary) space.

Let’s see what the rest of Falcons free agency brings. Onward!