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2017 Atlanta Falcons will be GM Thomas Dimitroff’s first complete team

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff puts ketchup on his hot dogs

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff wasn’t always a fancy football guru with designer bike shorts and drawers full of expensive pomade. In fact, after the Falcons went 6-10 in 2014, his seat was hotter than

Dimitroff has been solid during nine year tenure. For every Peter Konz, Lamar Holmes, and Chris Owens, there’s been a Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Desmond Trufant. Do I wish the Falcons would’ve passed on Peria Jerry? Yes, absolutely. But I’m thrilled they jumped on Keanu Neal. Drafting is an imperfect science; Dimitroff’s successes outnumber his failures.

Looking ahead to 2017, this will be the first Falcons team assembled entirely by Thomas Dimitroff.

Jonathan Babineaux signed a three year, $9 million contract before the 2014 season. Dimitroff technically kept him in a Falcons uniform for the past three seasons. But Dimitroff didn’t draft Babs, Rich McKay did. The 2017 Falcons will truly be Thomas Dimitroff’s team, top to bottom.

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