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Vote on the greatest Falcons draft pick ever: The field narrows

And then there were eight.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The first round of voting is over, and the dust has settled a bit on our best Falcons draft pick field. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are still here, as expected, but interestingly enough all four top seeds are either wide receivers or quarterbacks.

As many of you noted, the vote counts here appeared to be heavily skewed by young voters who either A) have a deep love and appreciation for current and recent players and B) may not have had much opportunity to see guys like Mike Kenn, Jeff Van Note, and Claude Humphrey play. You’ll note that almost across the board, the players you’ll be voting on are from the last 20 years. Them’s the breaks.

Let’s winnow this field down to four.

#1 Matt Ryan vs. #15 Deion Sanders

#3 Julio Jones vs. #13 Steve Bartkowski

#6 Roddy White vs. #12 Jonathan Babineaux

#8 Michael Vick vs. #10 Jamal Anderson