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Vote for the greatest Falcons draft pick of all-time

Who will triumph?

Chuck Smith #90

As promised, we’re going to vote on the greatest Falcons draft pick of all-time. WHO WILL TRIUMPH!? Probably Matt Ryan.

One quick note: Jessie Tuggle was nominated numerous times, but is very obviously not a draft pick (he was a UDFA). I’m turning his spot over to Jonathan Babineaux, who also drew multiple nominations as a former second-rounder and distinguished, long-time presence on the interior of this defensive line.

I’m going to leave it up to the individual voter whether you want to count Brett Favre in particular and Deion Sanders to a lesser extent as best Falcons picks, or if you only want to count their contributions to the franchise. I’ve seeded them low because that’s probably where they deserve to be in this discussion, either way.

You’re not going to agree with my seeding, but oh well. Vote early and often and we’ll winnow this thing down.

#1 Matt Ryan vs. #16 Brett Favre

#2 Mike Kenn vs. #15 Deion Sanders

#3 Julio Jones vs. #14 Patrick Kerney

#4 Tommy Nobis vs. #13 Steve Bartkowski

#5 Jeff Van Note vs. #12 Jonathan Babineaux

#6 Roddy White vs. #11 Claude Humphrey

#7 Williams Andrew vs. #10 Jamal Anderson

#8 Michael Vick vs. #9 Chuck Smith