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Thomas Dimitroff suddenly strong supporter of new overtime rules

The Atlanta Falcons general manager has curiously become a big supporter of both teams getting a chance in overtime.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t remember Thomas Dimitroff being a big supporter of overtime reform in past years, but he’s talking about it now. I wonder what’s changed since then. Dimitroff talked about it with Mike Florio, who apparently does something called PFT Live.

Dimitroff said on PFT Live that he’d like to see the NFL explore an overtime format that guarantees each team a possession, as opposed to the current format, which allows a team to win the coin toss, receive the opening kickoff and win the game with a touchdown without the other team ever possessing the ball.

No word if Dimitroff also supports running the ball, kicking a field goal, and just securing a win.

It feels like every year the NFL tries to address overtime, and every year they fail to address it or make some weak changes. The playoff rules were just one of 1,000 things that had to fall perfectly for the Patriots to bounce back in the Super Bowl. It’s still a tough way to finish out the biggest game of the year. The Falcons had a few botched drives, then don’t get a chance to touch the ball in overtime.

I couldn’t tell you if the Falcons would have won the Super Bowl if they won the coin toss, but I definitely think it is better for the game if both teams get a possession.