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Introducing the field for the greatest Falcons draft pick ever

There are 16 choices.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Over the weekend, I asked all of you to nominate your choices for the best draft picks in Atlanta Falcons history. You delivered, even if half your answers were predictably sarcastic.

The net result is that we have 16 players (10 on offense, 6 on defense) who will be in the running for our greatest franchise draft pick ever. There’s the usual suspects, a couple of unorthodox choices, and some legitimate franchise legends in the mix, so on balance I’d say you all did well.

We have our field of sixteen now, and you’ll find it below.

The Field

Matt Ryan

Brett Favre

Michael Vick

Steve Bartkowski

Jamal Anderson

William Andrews

Julio Jones

Roddy White

Mike Kenn

Jeff Van Note

Chuck Smith

Claude Humphrey

Patrick Kearney

Tommy Nobis

Jessie Tuggle Keith Brooking

Deion Sanders

I’ll be setting up matchups soon and posting by Wednesday, but let me know what you think the seeding should be and I’ll take it in account.