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Who are the Atlanta Falcons you irrationally love most?

We’ve all got a few.

J.J. Birden

As I noted yesterday for our draft pick nomination story, when we hit the doldrums of the offseason—and frankly, we’re just about there!—we like to talk about Falcons history more than we would in, say, August or September. We’ll kick things off with something a little off the beaten path.

When we think about our favorite Falcons over the years, we tend to focus on the greats. Plenty of us love Julio Jones, Jessie Tuggle, Tommy Nobis, Matt Ryan, Michael Vick, and Deion Sanders, who were all legitimately great players and stars in their own right for the Falcons. There are also those players that never made it, only shone for a year or two, or perhaps were downright terrible, but you loved regardless. We’re gonna talk about those guys today.

Mine, in roughly chronological order, include former disappointing running back Steve Broussard, semi-successful wide receiver J.J. Birden, tight end Alge Crumpler (who was actually good), linebacker Michael Boley, and today, probably Kemal Ishmael. I couldn’t tell you why I loved any of those players besides Crumpler and Ishmael, really, but there were times I would have said each of those guys were my favorite players on the team, or at least among my favorites.

Who are yours?