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Nominate your choice for the greatest Falcons draft pick ever

Your nominations will gear up our voting.

2011 NFL Draft

Every offseason, we like to spin up a few series that get us thinking about this franchise’s long history, especially during those times when free agency is winding down and the NFL Draft and training camp are off on the horizon. This year, we’re gonna talk about the best draft picks ever.

I’m looking for your nominations to get this process started. Give us one player you think qualifies as the best draft pick in team history, by any criteria of your choosing. Maybe you think Julio Jones was worth every draft pick and stands out as the best selection of all-time, or that the original Mr. Falcon, Tommy Nobis, stands head and shoulders above everyone else.

I’ll kick us off with perhaps the most obvious possible nomination: Matt Ryan. The #3 overall choice in the 2008 draft class is the only Atlanta Falcon to win an MVP, one of only two Falcons quarterbacks to lead his team to a Super Bowl, and the holder of every franchise passing record with (hopefully) several years left in his career.

From your list of nominations, we’ll winnow down to about 16 worthy choices, vote on them, and wrap up said voting before the 2017 NFL Draft. Nominate away!