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Eco-friendly Mercedes-Benz Stadium gaining more and more recognition

HuffPost is just the latest outlet to recognize the new standard that Mercedes-Benz Stadium is setting.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The new home for the Atlanta Falcons is set to become the new standard for sporting venues throughout the entire world. Better than AT&T Stadium, better than U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota, and better than MetLife Stadium in New York—Arthur Blank and the city of Atlanta have partnered to create a crown jewel of entertainment venues right in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Recently, however, MBS is getting praised for something a little different. Huffington Post’s Houston Barber is just the latest person to recognize the environmental sustainability that Mercedes-Benz Stadium boasts like no stadium before it. You should give that story a look if you get the chance.

While the idea of a new stadium right next to the old one, which was only 18-years old when MBS was announced, was met with a heavy dose of skepticism and concern, Arthur Blank has been sure to address that skepticism head on.


Yes, the fan experience is supposed to be one of the best around, but Blank and co. are clearly focused on providing a deeper benefit to the community surrounding the Atlanta Falcons. This includes the use of thousands of solar panels, electric car charging stations, and edible landscaping—yeah, that’s right.

One of the biggest decisions made during the development of MBS was a 1.1 million gallon storm vault that is designed to catch rainwater and prevent flooding that has plagued Atlanta’s Westside for a while now.

While it may not completely fix the problem, it symbolizes a strong commitment from Arthur Blank and city officials to the community around MBS. Barber says, “It’s not a cure-all, but it’s an example of a new kind of awareness in stadium engineering that Mercedes-Benz Stadium hopes to pioneer.”

All of these improvements and sustainable features also blend naturally into the experience of the fan: “The huge solar panels double as a shield from rain for fans standing outside the stadium. The million-gallon storm vault is hidden underground, out of sight and out of mind for any visitors,” says Barber.

The sustainable mindset that has been prevalent throughout the construction of Mercedes-Benz Stadium has helped the Falcons acquire something no other NFL franchise has. MBS is rated as a platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) stadium, the highest rating available.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium may still have some doubters and detractors, but no one can say that this is just another selfish stadium deal by a power-hungry billionaire. Rather, this stadium is truly an effort to make the city of Atlanta a better place, and it’s great to see the involved parties get the recognition they deserve.