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Report: Dontari Poe now visiting Oakland, Atlanta still interested

The mammoth defensive tackle is enjoying his free agency visits.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Dontari Poe is having the best free agency period of anybody, and my respect for him grows by the day. He’s on to yet another visit, to be wined and dined and wooed by the Oakland Raiders.

No one knows where Poe is going to sign—we know Dan Quinn and the Falcons have expressed an interest in having him that hasn’t diminished after he left Atlanta—but we do know he’s not in a rush to make a decision. He may be angling for a one year deal in this free agent environment, and it behooves him to slow play things, collect a bunch of offers, and play these teams against each other so he gets the money and the team fit he’s looking for. Again, nothing but respect.

For the Falcons, though, it can’t be Poe or bust. We don’t know how long he’ll continue his free agent tour at this point, and the Falcons need a couple of defensive tackles to fill out this roster and improve what they had on the interior last year. If they whiff on Poe a week or two weeks down the line and other players like Johnathan Hankins have been snapped up, they’ll be in a rough position.

I’ll be glad when Poe signs somewhere—hopefully Atlanta—and I can stop tracking his flights.