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Prior report incorrect, and Falcons still trying to setup visit with DT Dontari Poe

The Falcons are not meeting with Dontari Poe as previously expected.

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There were a few reports this weekend by Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports that left a lot of us wondering when the Atlanta Falcons will land prized free agent Dontari Poe.

Remember these simpler times?

We have closely followed when the Falcons were the favorite to land Poe, then were first to visit with him, then second to visit him, and yesterday the Falcons dropped off the list of Poe’s visits entirely.

Atlanta was next, but he’s headed to Jacksonville today.

So what happened?

As it turns out, nothing ever happened. Those reports were incorrect. Sounds like nothing was ever officially scheduled, per someone who should probably know about it.

So the Falcons have interest, but it doesn’t sound like they are going all out for Poe. If the Falcons are still trying to get Poe in for a visit, it’s a sign either he’s not very interested in playing here, or the Falcons are coming in way lower with a potential salary than other teams. At the very least, it suggests Poe was more interested in the Indianapolis Colts or the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Either way, it suggests the Falcons are long shots to land the big body, despite previous reporting. Poe may need to get past three or four other visits before he even listens to Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff.