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2017 NFL free agency: Day four brings a big bowl of nothing for the Falcons

Another day, another lack of activity.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you were hoping for action from the Falcons on Sunday, well...maybe they got a long bike ride in.

The latest was that the Falcons were going to be unlikely to snag Dontari Poe, a rumored free agent target for the last week or so, and they certainly didn’t do so on Sunday. Nor did the long-awaited extension with Desmond Trufant come. The latter is not a big deal, but the Falcons did make it clear they wanted to get Trufant locked up as early as possible so they’d know what they had to spend throughout the rest of free agency. Thus far, we have radio silence on both those possibilities, which means we have no idea whether Poe will even visit Atlanta, and even less idea about when Trufant will sign.

None of this is particularly worrisome—the Falcons have a good football team and have shown a knack for getting good value later on—but it’s only adding to the antsy factor for fans. The Falcons have watched their NFC South counterparts make a flurry of moves to try to catch up, and while none of those teams look as good as Atlanta on paper, this team still does have holes that can’t be addressed by the draft alone.

Again, the team will make its moves. It’s just tough to be patient in the moment, and it gets tougher with each passing day.

Around the NFL

  • The Lions have made it a mission to shore up their offensive line, and that continued Sunday when they signed T.J. Lang to a three year deal. He was easily the best free agent guard on the market, and ensures that the Falcons will be getting a stopgap starter at best if they dip into free agency now. For the record, I’m fine with that, particularly if the Falcons invest a day one or day two pick at the position.
  • That was kinda it! Man, slow day.