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Catch Jeanna on CBS 46 Atlanta talking Falcons free agency and the combine

Tune in tonight at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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If you’ve been following the Falcons’ moves in free agency, you know they haven’t made any big splashes. I’ll be on CBS 46 Atlanta Sunday at 11:30 p.m. ET talking about what Atlanta has done so far and what we might expect from the draft.

Fred Kalil, CBS 46’s sports director, has had me on a few times, and it’s always fun to join him to talk Falcons. On this segment, we talk about free agency so far and why it’s okay that the Falcons haven’t made any huge signings.

We also discuss the combine and some of the players we think Atlanta may have an eye on leading up to the draft. It’s an exciting time, especially since the team is already pretty set and doesn’t have any glaring needs.

Sure, it’s the offseason, but we still have plenty to discuss. This pre-draft process is fun because the Falcons can focus on bringing in guys who can complement what the team is already doing. This is a great year for the Falcons to be in this position, because this draft is stacked with defensive talent.

We also touch on the futures of Jonathan Babineaux and Dwight Freeney, who we think the team may target with the No. 31 pick, and more. Tune in!