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Report: Falcons convert Ryan Schraeder bonus, save close to $5 million in cap space

Is Atlanta gearing up for a run at a free agent, or clearing the way for extensions?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta did not have a ton of cap space to play with coming into today, but that may have changed in the last hour or so.

There are two reasons the Falcons might have done this:

  • They’re getting ready to put together one or multiple free agent offers and need the cash to do so;
  • They’re needing this cash to complete their Desmond Trufant extension, and possibly one for Devonta Freeman.

Either way, Atlanta’s got spending on its mind, which will probably calm your nerves if you’re been wondering exactly what the Falcons are up to. It could very well be a run at Dontari Poe, who the Falcons have been linked to, or just a way to get a little more juice as they pursue the mid-tier guys we’ve become accustomed to landing. Chances are we’ll have a better idea of who they’re after by the end of the weekend, and now they have more cap space to achieve their goals after the initial wave of free agent signings have died down.

Kudos to Ryan Schraeder for his flexibility, and let’s see who the Falcons are gearing up for.