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2017 NFL free agency: Teams start the flood of releases with Darrelle Revis, Jamaal Charles

There’s some big names out there.

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

This is the time of the year when big names tend to get released, and 2017 has not disappointed on this front.

Let’s start this thing off: The Atlanta Falcons are not going to sign any of these big names that are becoming available. Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles are running backs who have seen better days, Jairus Byrd hasn’t been good in a while now, and unless the player is likely to be reasonable and at a position like defensive tackle, guard, or pass rusher. None of these players figure to fit, but maybe some of the ones we see in the next few days will.

The Saints, meanwhile, are parting ways with Jairus Byrd. The former Bills safety had a productive, distinguished career until he wound up in New Orleans, when he got hurt and played less effective ball. Thankfully.

He will not end up in Atlanta, unless he’s willing to compete with Ricardo Allen and the Falcons think they can restore him to the his former glory. They can’t think that, so they can’t do it.

Revis is washed up at this point. He’s one of the better cornerbacks ever, legitimately, but the last couple of years have seen him lose his fastball considerably. He may wind up at safety if his career rolls on, and that’d be his only shot to land in Atlanta. Revis did wear a Falcons hat one time, though!

If you see any big name running backs released, you should just go ahead and assume they’re not going to wind up in Atlanta. The Falcons have the best running back duo in football, and they don’t need to add an old guy to that grouping.

Stay tuned for a lot more. We’ll see how many interesting names shake loose in the days ahead.