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Who are the five best draft picks in Falcons history?

Your criteria, your list, our scathing critiques.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We talked recently about who the greatest Falcon of all-time was (and perhaps would end up being), and the answers were as far-ranging as the team’s first draft pick Tommy Nobis to Matt Ryan. Today, I’d like to take a bit of a different spin on that question.

What I’m curious about is who you would rank as the five best draft selections in team history. In all the blown picks and injury busts are some truly great Falcons (and great NFLers), so it shouldn’t be overly difficult to come up with five names. It might actually be trickier to winnow down.

Your list can, if you wish, be based purely upon the very best picks, regardless of where in the draft those picks landed. Or you could elect to name mostly draft gems, players like Jonathan Babineaux in the 2nd round or Fulton Kuykendall in the 6th.

Share your expert opinions in the comments, if you would. Tomorrow we’ll talk about the worst picks in team history.