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How many Falcons jerseys do you own?

Some of you are going to brag.

NFL: NFC Championship-Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most frequent types of messages we receive from Falcons fans on the socialz concern jerseys. That might be a bit of bragging (look at my jersey collection!), a question (which jersey should I wear?), or a bit of both (which of my seven Julio Jones jerseys should I wear). Any way you slice it, you guys love your jerseys.

So we’re asking: How many jerseys do you own, and how many players does that collection represent? I know from experience that some of you have a truly breathtaking array, and this is your chance to share that with your fellow Falcoholics.

The man or woman with the largest collection gets bragging rights, which is the greatest prize of all. Enjoy!